Ksenia Filippova was born in Moscow. She graduated with honors from the art school for children in the Krasnopresnensky district, and also with honors from the painting department of the Faculty of Arts and Graphics at the Moscow Pedagogical University named after Lenin (Valentina Tokareva’s course).

From 1991 to 2000, she traveled in small towns in the Russian provinces, southern Russia, and the former Soviet Union in search of new colors, working on studies. She actively participated in group exhibitions and also mastered the craft of graphic design. 

In 2000, she entered the Moscow Academy of Photography, then the school of authors of Pavel Smirnov. Along with her personal work, she started working as a professional photographer, collaborating with leading magazines and advertising agencies, and illustrating a series of cookbooks. The result of this period of work was a personal exhibition in Moscow at the Union of Journalists in 2001, combining the techniques of photography and painting. 

Since 2005, she has been traveling actively around the Mediterranean, focusing on life in the South, street scenes, people, and their daily subjects. She has created a series of paintings and photographs and actively participates in group and solo exhibitions. 

Since 2010, she has held a series of solo exhibitions in Spain (Andalusia, Castilla y Leon), a scenic project in Venice (a series of exhibitions in Moscow), and plein air series in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Tunisia. 

She has also collaborated with embassies and cultural centres and was the recipient of the AXA prize for competition work in Burgos (Spain) in 2011. 

In 2017, she trained at Sergei Davydov’s silk painting school in Moscow and began to engage in art crafts parallel to painting. She implements and exhibits projects of painting on fabric and clothing designs. 

Currently, she primarily works with oil painting. 

The author’s style is based on the traditions of the Russian impressionist school but combines a mixture of elements from post-impressionism, expressionism, and sometimes Russian naïve art. She specializes in plein air painting. Her artwork is characterized by bold brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and a deep connection to nature. Filippova draws inspiration from her travels around the world, capturing the beauty of landscapes and cityscapes in her paintings. She is particularly drawn to the Mediterranean region, where she has created many series of paintings inspired by the people and places she has encountered.

Her major solo exhibitions include: 

2001 Union of Journalists (Russia)
2012 When the Sun Lifts Brushes, Sala de Cajacírculo (Spain)
2013 Andalusian plein air, Castillo de Luna (Spain)
2013 Light of the South, Casa de los Toruños (Spain)
2013 Capital of Gastronomy. Walks. Impressions, Sala de Cajacírculo (Spain)
2014 The Happiness of the Moment, Consulado del Mar (Spain)
2015 Partition of Painting, Sala de Exposiciones del Teatro Principal de Burgos (Spain)
2015 Flowers and Watercolors, Punto de Fuga (Spain)
2016 The Lagoon Lovers. Venice, Gallery Dacha (Russia)

Ksenia Filippova's "Capital of Gastronomy" exhibition poster
Visitors at the exhibition at Sala Cajacírculo
Ksenia Filippova's "The Happiness of the Moment" exhibition poster
Visitors examine paintings