A self-portrait photo of painter Ksenia Filippova


I am an artist. My special passion is to capture scenes from life. On the streets, terraces of cafes and bars, restaurants, in parks, boulevards. I always perceive a place and its landscape through a human dimension — through the people who live and exist in it. And above all, people move and communicate with each other. Each passerby adds a detail, stroke, color, movement to me. I like to think that contemporary genre painting is, above all, poetry of public spaces.

I am particularly drawn to the countries of the Mediterranean, where the streets are imbued with a completely special spirit, always full of people — business and leisurely, and are a place of meetings and lively conversations, small dramas and comedies. I travel a lot and try to make a series about every country I visit. Over the years, I have painted in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco.

I am now based in Sidi bou Said, Tunisia.

The spirit of public spaces always gives a me hint about the nature of human interaction